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So my life sucks... my parents love making me look like an idiot... my dad loves telling me how he is going to beat the crap out of me... and now they love taking things from me... first my phone... now a computer... and DA so I won't be on ever again... yay I guess everyone will be better without me!!!! So yeah..... have a good life and day... and good day/night.... and I'll miss sora and kitty the most....
Chapter 2 Frisk Meets Frisk

"You found her nice job Sans." Blue is smiling. "So is she okay? Is she hurt? Is she cold?" Blue's smile becomes a frown.

"Don't worry blue she is fine. Remember you and me are still from a timeline that is somewhat the same!!!" Sans taps Blue in the head. " So can I put her in your room?"

"Sure I would hated if I saw another Frisk get hurt! I would love if she was save." Blue thinks of what he just said. His are as wide as a door! " I didn't mean like I love her like I would marry her! I love her like a fri-"
Sans1439 cuts of Blue. "I know what you meant. Don't worry about it." Looks down at Frisk. "Oh hey your awake! Are you okay?"
"Yeah I'm fine. Where are we Sans?" Frisk looks at Sans1493 with a curious face.

"Well kid we are in a different timeline. But is way different from where we came."

Frisk slaps Sans in the face! "I said don't call me kid or kiddo ever again remember?!!!" Frisk hand is on fire!

"I'm sorry Frisk but thank God you only did 0.5 damage or I would of died!!!" Sans1493 starts to rub his face. "Frisk your hand is fire again!!!"

" I know is still awesome that I can use blue magic!!!" Frisk jumps up and down.

"Yes I know and I'm glad that I can feel some de-temmie-nation!" Frisk starts laughing. But Blue tries to hide his smile!

"Actually Blue where is Pap?"

"Oh he is in bed he fell asleep again!!!" As he finishes his sentence the door opens a girl walks in wearing a stripe shirt, shorts, and boots.

"Oh Frisk your back. How was your day so far?"

"I'm fine blue now who are this guys?!!!" Frisk move to the side and sees Sans1493 and his Frisk!!!

"Oh these is Sans1493 and his wife Frisk!" Blue turns and show Frisk the new guys!

"Sup kiddo." Sans1493 winks.

"Hello Frisk I'm Frisk" Frisk give a warm smile to the Frisk that was right next to Blue.

"Yes I can tell that!!! What are you a clone of me? Or are you someone that wants to be me?"

"No you little brat I'm a different Frisk from a different timeline!!!" Frisk eyes starts to glow blue!!!

"Brat? BRAT? DID YOU JUST CALL ME A BRAT?" Swap!Frisk eyes starts to glow red!!!

"Frisk relax. Anyway other Frisk what can we call you?" Frisk's eye stop glowing."

"You can call me red eye or swap!Frisk if you want." Swap!Frisk eye stops glowing.

"Okay we will call you Swap!Frisk. And thanks for relaxing! If you didn't you would of had a bad time!" Sans1493 eye starts glowing blue.

"Guys relax I don't like it when people fight with each other."

Everyone talk at the same time "Sorry Blue." Everyone looks at each other surprised.

"Well we should all go to bed. Sans1493 and Frisk you can go sleep in my bed I'll sleep in the couch with my Frisk!" Blue starts blushing.

A gaster blaster comes out of Papyrus room. With a note that looks like it was scribble on!

"Let me see what it says." Sans1493 takes the note from the blaster. "Sorry but this is for protection and it will be very close to the couch."

"Okay? Well everyone should go to bed." Sans1493 pushes Blue and Swap!Frisk. "Good night guys!" Sans1493 closes the door of Blue's room after his Frisk!

"Yeah good night guys." Blue turns and sees Frisk. Frisk has a mad face. "What's wrong?"

"I'm trying to change in to my PJs so can you look away?"

"Oh I'm sorry Frisk." Blue turn around.

*Sometime later*

"Okay good night Blue."

"Good night Frisk…… I love you!" Blue starts blushing.

"Shut up Blue before I hit you!" Swap!Frisk starts blushing.

"I'm sorry…"

"Is okay. Good night Blue!"


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I'm not in high school yet and I'm not a very good artist yet!!! But I am determined to become a better artist one day!!!


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